Product Description
The FOOTLAND seamless solid 3D membrane
A special laminating process is employed to ensure that the seamless membrane is completely integrated with the surface fabric, and there is no space for water to accumulate. The bond between the FOOTLAND 3D seamless membrane and the surface fabric will seal all seams in the surface fabric. This method is fully effective when used with knit surface fabrics, and yields a soft, comfortable feel in your wearing experience.

  • 1 High elastic comfort sock top

    Using high quality Lycra can intelligent adjustment of tightness and also not easy to have loose situation.

  • 2 Wool inner layer is warm, sink-friendly and not easy to sensitive

    The wool layer keeps warm and provide quick moisture wicking function.

  • 3 Nano waterproof breathable film

    Ultra-thin waterproof membrane is to resist external steam and wind.

  • 4 High-strength outer weave by Nylon

    The outer structure is solid with high-density weave.

  • 5 Produce with Y-heel

    Y-heel weave can be In line with the heel curvature and perfect coverage.

  • 6 Toe seamless suture

    To remove the suture with the perfect sense of comparable hand-made.