Production Equipment

For making various and competitive socks, we not only have domestic knitting machines, but also import machines (Lonati) from Italy. Lonati machines make cushioned patterns easily on any part of sock, and finish knitting with flat toe seam construction to deliver superior comfort and reduce irritation.

Not only regular yarns, but also some performance yarns are used to enhance our socks.
Footland is eco-friendly that we use materials which are harmless to the environment.
  • 100% Wool

    It is natural animal fiber with high warmth retaining, good elasticity, excellent moisture absorption and elimination. It’s not easy to produce static electricity, so dust is not easy to attach. If it’s on fire, it does not emit a poisonous gas and will flameout naturally when leave the flame. Therefore its safety is high. It is added shrink-resistant to reduce the felting phenomenon.

  • Coolmax®

    Coolmax® is functional fibrous material. It has high air permeability enough to keep the skin dry. It can adjust the temperature and humidity automatically to avoid excessive heat and rapid temperature loss. It has a variety of features, such as the light texture, soft and anti-crease which is excellent choice for summer clothing.

  • Lycra®

    Its touch is smooth, soft, easy to maintain and durable. At the same time it has good elasticity, comfort and not easy to produce crease. Its scalability and durability is better than the general fibers. For users to bring comfort, fit, beautiful and perfect wearing.

  • Polypropylene(P.P)

    Its texture is light and warm, can be more effective to maintain body temperature, so that the wearer feel warm. Its fiber has antibacterial deodorant; do not need to use other additives to achieve the effect and will not be washed or wear to reduce performance. This fiber does not absorb water, so the moisture content of PP fiber is only 0.05% and the drying speed is fastest than all fibers. PP fiber does not cause irritation and allergies to human skin and it is non-toxic harmless to environment. It can feel comfortable to wear.

  • Organic Cotton

    It has good water absorption and air permeability and also its texture is natural, soft and easily dyeing. Cotton is a natural fiber that does not lead to skin sensitivity and does not produce static electricity.

  • AGHC Antibacterial fiber

    It contains high Nano-silver ions, can be antibacterial, deodorant, and has long-term effect.

  • Silver fiber

    Silver fiber is super-functional fiber that is evenly coated with silver in continuous fiber. The properties of silver fiber are derived from silver metal with conductivity, visible and heat radiation reflection ability and antibacterial. It also has the basic properties of artificial fiber, such as high flammability and thermal stability and light.

  • P.P Wool

    It has the characteristics of wool and PP fiber, the texture is light, warm and antibacterial, can be adjusted in accordance with the proportion of blended.