Mid Crew Volleyball Socks
Product Description
The Figure-8 System cradles your soles, adds pressure to your ankles, supports your ankles, and provides the necessary protection. It effectively supports your ankle strength without sacrificing your joint activities.

  • 1 Instep X-shaped mesh design

    X-type banding on ankle part(the X-band) prevents injury by holding the ankle tightly.

  • 2 Ventilation mesh design

    Large-scale mesh weaving is to remove excess sweat and moisture, not easy to stuffy.

  • 3 Three-point stable structure to strengthen the stability of the ankle and arch

    To strengthen the arch and ankle structure, enhance support and stability.

  • 4 Achilles compression protection

    To strengthen the protection of Achilles tendon can help blood to quickly return and strengthen the cycle.

  • 5 Y-type heel design

    Y-heel weave can be In line with the heel curvature and perfect coverage.

  • 6 Foot designed with resilience terry

    Cover with comfortable terry can protect the key muscles and reduce the impact of muscle movement.

  • 7 Seamless suture wave method

    Professional automatic suture technology to remove discomfort suture and prevent blisters.