Merino Wool Running Socks
Product Description
Anti-Odor and moisture absorbing: Helps absorbing sweat during exercise to reduce the discomfort of friction, keeping the feet clean and dry, keep your legs healthy.

  • 1 Mesh Venting

    Large area of breathable mesh can quickly eliminate the moisture and keep your feet dry.

  • 2 Moderate arch pressure design

    Moderate pressure design to support the arch and scattered foot pressure.

  • 3 High elastic shrinkage sock top is to reduce the loose of sock top situation

    Using high quality Lycra can intelligent adjustment of tightness and also not easy to have loose situation.

  • 4 3D Non-slip Heel

    Elastic cushion towel at the end to coverage suspension and buffer pressure.

  • 5 Y type back heel design

    Y type heel weave which is ergonomic, prevent falling off and obedient.

  • 6 Seamless Toe

    Professional seamless suture technology to remove the suture and effectively prevent blisters with the perfect sense of comparable hand-made.