Progressive Compression Socks
Product Description
Compression socks deliver a firm compression of 20 to 30 mmHg.
With compression highest at the foot, our socks have a unique graduated level of tightness that gets less firm as the sock travels up the leg. This helps maintain a more naturally improved blood flow than socks which are simply tight. A non-binding top cuff prevents sagging without digging into the skin.This supports muscles and tendons in achieving a faster recovery.

  • 1 Progressive pressure design

    Gradually progressive pressure distribution can relieve fatigue and promote effectively circulatory metabolism.

  • 2 Achilles compression protection

    To strengthen the protection of Achilles tendon can help blood to quickly return and strengthen the cycle.

  • 3 High-strength braid, outer pressure and high wear resistance

    Weave with firm structure and feel abundant to strengthen the wear resistance of sole.

  • 4 Three-point stable structure to strengthen the stability of the ankle and arch

    To strengthen the arch and ankle structure, enhance support and stability.

  • 5 Seamless suture technology

    Professional seamless suture technology to remove the suture and effectively prevent blisters with the perfect sense of comparable hand-made.