Mid Crew Basketball Socks
Product Description
By balancing agility and stability, Footland controls the torsion of soles and ankles within a reasonable range to bring your foot power into full play. When exercising, you may feel your feet growing stronger as you become even more confident about making many basketball moves that you wouldn’t dare to try before. 
  • 1 Achilles tendon light compression

    To strengthen the protection of Achilles tendon can help blood to quickly return and strengthen the cycle.

  • 2 Comfort elastic sock top

    Using high quality Lycra can intelligent adjustment of tightness and also not easy to have loose situation.

  • 3 Lateral stabilitydesign

    Gradually progressive pressure distribution can relieve fatigue and promote effectively circulatory metabolism.

  • 4 Produce with Y-heel

    Y-heel weave can be In line with the heel curvature and perfect coverage.

  • 5 3D elastic terry method

    Elastic cushion towel at the end to coverage suspension and buffer pressure.

  • 6 Seamless suture wave method

    Automatic suture technology to remove discomfort suture and prevent blisters.