Lateral Stability Basketball Socks
Product Description
A sports socks for towel sports fabrics, with breathable moisture mesh, so that you quickly remove moisture during exercise, keep your feet refreshed.Cushioned mid-calf styles delivers secure fit with any basketball shoes, tennis shoes, or other sports sneakers.
They keep you feet warm without making them sweat,help you avoid blisters during your hiking,running or other outdoor sports.

  • 1 Comfort elastic sock top

    Using high quality Lycra can intelligent adjustment of tightness and also not easy to have loose situation.

  • 2 Unique burst crack design

    On the tube burst lines combined with breathable mesh layer with the function without losing personal characteristics.

  • 3 Lateral stability design

    Gradually progressive pressure distribution can relieve fatigue and promote effectively circulatory metabolism.

  • 4 Produce with Y-heel

    Y-heel weave can be In line with the heel curvature and perfect coverage.

  • 5 3D elastic terry method

    Elastic cushion towel at the end to coverage suspension and buffer pressure.

  • 6 Seamless suture wave method

    Automatic suture technology to remove discomfort suture and prevent blisters.