Checkered Compression High Functional Athletic Socks
Product Description
These men sports socks with the full thicken cushion inside to help prevent blisters and light shock absorption. Reinforced heel and toe make it fit comfortably and provide extra durability. Perfect men athletic socks for outdoor sports such as running, basketball, hiking, etc.

  • 1 Lycra automatically adjust sock top, comfortable and flexible not afraid of loose.
    Using high quality Lycra can intelligent adjustment of tightness and also not easy to have loose situation.

  • 2 Achilles compression protection

    To strengthen the protection of Achilles tendon can help blood to quickly return and strengthen the cycle.

  • 3 Arch stability structure

    Targeted Arch Compression,engineered with just the right amount of compression to keep your arch stable and secure. Our arch support system also prevents bunching and helps keep your sock from slipping.

  • 4 Checkered knit
    Division of the unique weave not feels monotonous
  • 5 Instep X-shaped mesh design

    X-type banding on ankle part(the X-band) prevents injury by holding the ankle tightly.

  • 6 Produce with Y-heel

    Y-heel can give the heel enough coverage.

  • 7 Seamless suture technology

    Professional automatic suture technology to remove discomfort suture and prevent blisters.